Method of Payment accepts online payment by Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. We also accept payments thru checks, money order, Google check-out and PayPal.

We also accept Purchase Orders (PO) but it is advisable that you contact us regarding this. We will only accept Purchase Orders with complete official documents.


Your credit card is processed and charged the following business day if you order online. When it is approved, it will be charged for the items that are in stock and that are going to be shipped to you plus the entire shipping cost. The items not in stock or back order items will not be charged but as soon as it's ready to ship then you will be charged for it. There will be no additional charge for shipping fees. You will receive confirmation email with the items and amount charged to you.


You will receive an email notice that you contact us immediately if your credit card is declined. If we still do not hear from you, one of the customer service people will give you a call. A decline usually occurs when a simple typo error is made when you are entering your credit card information. So when you contact us we will ask you to verify your account number, expiration date and billing address.

If the problem is not rectified even after the credit card verification, you have the option of working out another means of payment or cancelling the order. It is important that you also contact your credit card provider to verify what the problem is.


If you were not able to pay via PayPal and you did not get an email from us, please give us a call at 1.866.696.4644 and we will send you a PayPal payment request.


Please note that there is a 5 day clearing time for checks, we will process the order once your check or money order has been cleared.


We only accept PayPal as the method of payment for international orders.


If you are using e-mail filters and/or blockers, make sure that you can receive e-mails from so that e-mail notices such as these will come through.